Lavenderm Studio makes handmade, artisanal quality soaps, bath and body care, candles, and other items. We offer naturally formulated products in a variety of styles, colors, and fragrances, designed to bring a little luxury to your self-care. Our soaps provide the benefits of botanicals to bring together the body and the mind. 

  • earth friendly and sustaining plant-based oils
  • essential oils and aromatic fragrances
  • herbs, spices, florals, teas, tinctures
  • ingredients that are gentle on skin (and a line of sensitive soaps)

Hi, I’m Jean. Welcome to my soap studio and shop, Lavenderm Studio!

I am a seeker: of beauty, truth, and love. Or as Elvis Costello sang, of “peace, love, and understanding.” In every moment of my life, I am seeking to bring those elements to the fore of my mind and my existence. I want them to wrap around me and evoke comfort and tranquility like a handmade quilt or knitted shawl (I'm on Ravelry!). To do so, I engage in literature, art, and the natural world. (If you're a reader or a writer, visit my publishing company or join me on Goodreads!)

Why soap?

Embracing life and living means enjoying the little things and making them meaningful. That’s why I started making soap.

The year 2020 brought with it a flu-like pandemic, and we’ve all been reminded that one of the most important methods to protect ourselves is to WASH OUR HANDS. And we wash our hands so many times a day! My skin has always been on the sensitive side and I’ve always kept a bottle of lotion next to every sink in my house. Washing my hands was getting uncomfortable as I felt moisture being leached from my aging skin. As I’ve explored the soap-making process and recipes, I’ve discovered something: it isn’t the washing that’s drying my hands—it’s the soap! Factory-made, chemically ridden processed soap that’s made by the tens of thousands of bars in a batch.

My soaps use a blend of pure, plant-based oils. The main ingredients of my soap are a blend of vegetable oils, organic unfiltered coconut oil, and 100% pure olive oil. I often add conditioning and soothing agents such as cocoa or shea butter that are great for skin of all types. These oils blend together during the saponification process with lye to make soap with the perfect amount of extra moisture to help maintain balanced skin after washing. Their lather is luxurious, soft, and creamy. I add fragrances that simultaneously stimulate and calm. Colorants and botanicals are also carefully selected to create an individually unique bar of luxury, without the price.

Keeping yourself and your family safe doesn’t necessarily require a lot of thought and most of the time it’s a gut instinct, or simply following safety guidelines shared with us by CDC, WHO, and our beloved Dr. Fauci. And while you’re tending to your hands, face, or body with one of my handcrafted items, I hope that for a moment you’ll be transported to your own place of beauty and tranquility.

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