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Here's where we'll be trying out new products, just for fun. You never know what may show up here, so check back frequently! May sign up for our mailing list so you can be notified of new products (available in limited quantities).

Can't decide? Get three bars of randomly selected soap!*Your selection is determined by the supply w..
2021 Soap-Scription Birthstones
Soap-Scription Birthstones 2021Each month of 2021 will feature a large, more than 5-ounce birthstone..
Aquamarine Crystals and Sea Salt Soap
Welcome to your very own ocean! Using this lovely fresh scented sea-salt soap is everything your ski..
Cherry Almond Garnet Soap
The delicious scent of a cherry harvest and almond notes will awaken your senses and satiate your ap..
Emerald Isle: Lime Agave Soap with Lime Butter
Gorgeous swirls of green flow through this heavenly bar of lime and agave scent. The soap is augment..
Gender Acceptance Soap
This soap celebrates the gender spectrum by using the colors of the transgender flag: traditional bl..
Grape Amethyst Geode Soap
Amethyst, a gorgeously grapey purple color, is known for its protective and calming effects. A beaut..
Lemon Poppy Ginger Soap with Brazilian Clay
Citrus, spice, and everything nice! This soap has a bottom layer of lemon poppy colored with silky y..
Maple Pecan Coffee
Whether this soap reminds you of that hometown coffeehouse in Texas, the trendy bistro in Toronto, l..
Almond is the star of this deliciously appealing soap - but do not eat! Marzipan scent and ground al..
Shamrock Ribbons and Rosettes Soap
Irish green ribbons and rosettes decorate this four-leaf clover scented soap that's perfect for welc..
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