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Seasonal Soaps are products that are available for a limited time due to limited production quantity. They are inspired by nature, seasons, the holidays, or any other "magic" I encounter. 

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Can't decide? Get three bars of randomly selected soap!*Your selection is determined by the supply w..
Emerald Isle: Lime Agave Soap with Lime Butter
Gorgeous swirls of green flow through this heavenly bar of lime and agave scent. The soap is augment..
Passionate Kisses Lip Balm
Transport yourself to the realm of the romantic with this passionfruit and rose-scented lip balm! Yo..
Passionate Rose Sugar Scrub Cubes
Transport yourself to the realm of the romantic with these passionfruit and rose-scented sugar scrub..
Pink Cherry Pop Lip Balm
This cherry lip balm pops in a luscious pink that will caress your lips, soothing and moisturizing w..
Shamrock Ribbons and Rosettes Soap
Irish green ribbons and rosettes decorate this four-leaf clover scented soap that's perfect for welc..
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