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2021 Birthstone Soaps

These soaps are a special short-run series for 2021. Each month's soap is inspired by the birthstone of that month. You can purchase the soaps individually; or take advantage of the greatest value by joining the 2021 Soap-scription soap-of-the-month club! You'll receive the monthly soap, and a FREE corresponding cosmetic item along with it, all for an unbeatable price (shipping included) !!

January: Cherry Almond Garnet Soap, with Cocoa Butter Cashmere Lotion Bar

February: Grape Amethyst Soap, with Guava Lip Balm

March: Aquamarine Sea Salt Soap, with Sugar Scrub Cubes

April: Diamond Sparkle Baby's Breath Soap, with Diamond Sparkle Liquid Soap

May: Emerald Avocado and Lily of the Valley Soap, with Emerald Eucalyptus and Green Tea Bath Salts

June: Pearl

July: Ruby

August: Peridot

September: Sapphire

October: Opal

November: Topaz

December: Tanzanite

2021 Soap-Scription Birthstones
Soap-Scription Birthstones 2021Each month of 2021 will feature a large, more than 5-ounce birthstone..
Aquamarine Sugar Scrub Cubes
Exfoliation bliss ensues when you soften a sugar scrub cube under warm water, and use like soap on y..
Cherry Almond Garnet Soap
The delicious scent of a cherry harvest and almond notes will awaken your senses and satiate your ap..
Diamond Sparkle Baby's Breath soap
As Pink Floyd sang, "Come on and Shine!" Diamond is the birthstone for the month of April. The name ..
Grape Amethyst Geode Soap
Amethyst, a gorgeously grapey purple color, is known for its protective and calming effects. A beaut..
May Emeralds and Lily of the Valley soap
This May edition of 2021 Birthstones Soap-scription feature emerald crystals embedded in the surface..
Pearl Body Butter with Avocado Butter and Seaweed Extract
Soft and smooth whipped avocado butter with seaweed extract will provide soothing, deep-penetrating ..
The Great Pearl
June's birthstone Soap-scription entry is a lovely pearlescent white bar with a feathered gray inter..
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