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Handmade Artisan Soaps

Lavenderm Studio makes handmade, artisanal quality soaps. We offer naturally formulated, small-batch products in a variety of styles, colors, and fragrances, designed to bring a little luxury to your self-care. Our soaps provide the benefits of botanicals to bring together the body and the mind. 

  • earth friendly and sustaining plant-based oils

  • essential oils and aromatic fragrances

  • herbs, spices, florals, teas, tinctures

  • ingredients that are gentle on skin (and a line of sensitive soaps)

Please check out our variety of handmade skin products!

Browse our categories of artisan soaps:

Signature Soaps: Our favorites, featuring lavender and other essential oils, rich butters and oils, and great fragrances and designs.

Sensitive Soaps: In these products, we avoid unnecessary fragrances, colors, or decorations which could irritate sensitive skin.

Ancient Soaps: are inspired by traditional soap makers and recipes that have been around since times of old!

Seasonal Soaps: These items are available for a limited time due to limited production quantity. They are inspired by nature, seasons, the holidays, or any other "magic" I encounter.

Surprise! New Soaps: Here's where we'll be trying out new products, just for fun. You never know what may show up here, so check back frequently! 

SALE! Look for close-out products here! :)

Hearts Aloft Valentine's Day Soap
Cocoa butter & cow’s milk soap, with swirling clouds and a buoyant heart are paired with a brigh..
August Peridot Lemongrass Soap
August Peridot Lemongrass SoapThe golden hues of August's birthstone, the peridot, are matched with ..
Cherry Almond Garnet Soap
Cherry Almond Garnet Soap - Garnet is derived from Latin ‘granatus’ meaning ‘grain like’ because it ..
December Turquoise Soap
Turquoise SoapA saturated blue-green matte color envelopes a vein of activated charcoal. A turquoise..
Fire-breathing Dragon Soap
Happy Lunar New Year! Celebrate with the extra-rich Fire-Breathing Dragon soap, made with green tea ..
October Opal Confetti Soap
October Opal Confetti SoapConfetti colors of soap embed this pale, dreamily scented soap, topped wit..
Pina Colada Smoothie Soap with Coconut Milk
Pina Colada Smoothie Soap with Coconut Milk and Pineapple ExtractAh, the tropics. That's what's evok..
Pink Clay & Pink Sea Salt Facial Soap (for acne)
French pink clay (Montmorillonite) is a super-absorbent mineral that is found throughout the world, ..
Sapphire Soap
Sapphire SoapCurls of white soap dance amid the alluring, atmospheric scented blue. This is a gorgeo..
Strawberry Rhubarb with Ruby Streusel
Strawberry Rhubarb with Ruby StreuselNothing says summer to me like rhubarb! This sweet and fruity s..
Topaz Autumn Leaves Soap
Topaz Autumn Leaves SoapAutumn. Colors, cooler temperatures, crisp scents. All these are captures in..
Vanilla Matcha Boba Tea Soap with Rice Milk
Vanilla Matcha Boba Tea Soap with Rice MilkBoba makes everything better! This delicious vanilla and ..
Chocolate Milk Shake Milk Soap
Chocolate Milk Shake Milk SoapCocoa butter, gourmet chocolate, vanilla, cow's milk: Your skin w..
Carrot Cake Bastille Soap with Buttermilk & Turmeric
Carrot Cake Bastille Soap with Buttermilk & TurmericFrom the garden to the table—sink! Fresh pur..
Spring Scent-sation: Pacific Coast Sea Salt soap with French Green Clay
Herbaceous, sea salt, and floral scents waft from this soap, evoking a coastal springtime. Swirled w..
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