Handmade Artisan Soaps

Lavenderm Studio makes handmade, artisanal quality soaps. We offer naturally formulated, small-batch products in a variety of styles, colors, and fragrances, designed to bring a little luxury to your self-care. Our soaps provide the benefits of botanicals to bring together the body and the mind. 

  • earth friendly and sustaining plant-based oils
  • essential oils and aromatic fragrances
  • herbs, spices, florals, teas, tinctures
  • ingredients that are gentle on skin (and a line of sensitive soaps)

Please check out our variety of handmade skin products!

Can't decide? Get three bars of randomly selected soap!*Your selection is determined by the supply w..
01 - 2021 Soap-scription Cherry Almond Garnet Soap
The delicious scent of a cherry harvest and almond notes will awaken your senses and satiate your ap..
2021 Soap-Scription Birthstones
Soap-Scription Birthstones 2021*There are some remaining 2021 Birthstone Soaps available!* --soaps ..
2022 Soap-Scription Smoothies
Soap-Scription Smoothies 2022Each month of 2022 will feature a large, more than 5-ounce milk smoothi..
Aleppo Soap
Aleppo soap has been made for centuries in the Middle East, from extra virgin olive oil and laurel b..
Antique Lace Trio - Mother's Day Gift Box
Loving that Drape,Sound of Birds,Play on like Musical Tape.Greenery to Embrace,Like Hug from Nature,..
August Peridot Lemongrass Soap
The golden hues of August's birthstone, the peridot, are matched with the luscious and herbaceous le..
Bastille Soap with Cocoa Butter
Bastille soap is a variation of the gentle, conditioning Castile method that's been around for centu..
Calendula Petals
No added fragrance or colorant, formulated for sensitive skin with calendula flower tincture and pet..
Charcoal Savon Noir - Scented
--with Tea Tree & Lavender essential oils--Savon noir is an extra-conditioning soap made using ..
Charcoal Savon Noir - Unscented
*palm-free recipe*Savon noir is an extra-conditioning soap made with avocado oil and shea butter, wi..
Allsorts Licorice "candy" soap
If you like black licorice or Allsorts candies, this is for you! This soap was made to look like the..
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