Handmade Artisan Soaps

Lavenderm Studio makes handmade, artisanal quality soaps. We offer naturally formulated, small-batch products in a variety of styles, colors, and fragrances, designed to bring a little luxury to your self-care. Our soaps provide the benefits of botanicals to bring together the body and the mind. 

  • earth friendly and sustaining plant-based oils

  • essential oils and aromatic fragrances

  • herbs, spices, florals, teas, tinctures

  • ingredients that are gentle on skin (and a line of sensitive soaps)

Please check out our variety of handmade skin products!

Browse our categories of artisan soaps:

2022 Soap-scription Smoothies: 12 month subscription to special milk soaps and accompanying skincare item!

Signature Soaps: Our favorites, featuring lavender and other essential oils, rich butters and oils, and great fragrances and designs.

Sensitive Soaps: In these products, we avoid unnecessary fragrances, colors, or decorations which could irritate sensitive skin.

Ancient Soaps: are inspired by traditional soap makers and recipes that have been around since times of old!

Seasonal Soaps: These items are available for a limited time due to limited production quantity. They are inspired by nature, seasons, the holidays, or any other "magic" I encounter.

Surprise! New Soaps: Here's where we'll be trying out new products, just for fun. You never know what may show up here, so check back frequently! 

SALE! Look for close-out products here! :)

Can't decide? Get three bars of randomly selected soap!*Your selection is determined by the supply w..
2021 Soap-Scription Birthstones
Soap-Scription Birthstones 2021*There are some remaining 2021 Birthstone Soaps available!* --soaps ..
2022 Soap-Scription Smoothies
Soap-Scription Smoothies 2022Each month of 2022 will feature a large, more than 5-ounce milk smoothi..
Antique Lace Trio - Mother's Day Gift Box
Loving that Drape,Sound of Birds,Play on like Musical Tape.Greenery to Embrace,Like Hug from Nature,..
Hand-Knit Cloth Trio
Once you've tried hand-knit washcloths, it's unbearable to go back to factory made woven washcloths...
Honeybee Bliss Gift Set
Scented with a hint of lemon and lily flower, these sweet soaps are colored with smooth yellow Brazi..
Pink Clay & Pink Sea Salt Facial Soap (for acne)
French pink clay (Montmorillonite) is a super-absorbent mineral that is found throughout the world, ..
Pink Ocean Sea Salt Soap & Necklace
The ocean is calling you, invigorating your senses with the freshness and brightness of crisp sea ai..
Soap Pad
This soap pad elevates your soap above the soap dish, allowing water to easily drain and the soap to..
Succulent City (David Bowie inspired) soap
Glam rock idol and cultural pioneer David Bowie would have celebrated his 74th birthday in January 2..
Honey Theme Hand-Knit Cloth Trio
Once you've tried hand-knit washcloths, it's unbearable to go back to factory made woven washcloths...
Spring Scent-sation: Pacific Coast Sea Salt soap with French Green Clay
Herbaceous, sea salt, and floral scents waft from this soap, evoking a coastal springtime. Swirled w..
Spring Scent-sation: Mango Lassi Soap with Mango Butter & Yogurt
My favorite beverage to go with Indian food is a mango lassi, so fruity and refreshing, and the spla..
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