Ancient Soaps

Our Ancient Soaps are inspired by traditional soap makers and recipes that have been around since ancient times. They are time tested, updated recipes, and modernized handmade, small-batch methods using lye and other ingredients. 

Our Ancient Soaps collection includes:

Castile Soap - made from 100% olive oil

Bastille Soap - an alteration of Castile, Bastille Soap contains at least 70% olive oil

Aleppo Soap - Middle Eastern Aleppo Soap is made of the unique Laurel Berry fruit oil form the Laurel tree (where bay leaves originate), Laurus nobilis, and extra virgin olive oil

Aleppo Soap
Aleppo soap has been made for centuries in the Middle East, from extra virgin olive oil and laurel b..
Bastille Soap with Cocoa Butter
Bastille soap is a variation of the gentle, conditioning Castile method that's been around for centu..
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