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Bath and Body Care

These products are great for your special spa day or for daily use! Bath bombs and other soothing bath additives, rich and creamy lotions and body butters, moisturizing lip balm are all here! Check out our product line up!

We use the best natural ingredients! Beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, rosehip see oil,...

Spring Scent-sation: Orchid Eye Serum with Rosehip Seed and Jojoba Oils
Show the sensitive skin around your eyes a little extra love and care with this fast-absorbing, supe..
Calendula & Sunflower Bath Bomb
Trust the flowers to take care of you! This bath bomb contains calendula flowers and sunflower oil a..
Champagne & Cocoa Butter Bath Truffle with Brazilian Ucuuba Butter
Celebrate a little, since you've gone out of your way to make time for yourself. Leave the hassles o..
Spring Scent-sation: Green Tea & Aloe Hyaluronic Face Serum
Hyaluronic acid is a super humectant, and it's naturally occurring in our skin! The trouble is, this..
Sunny Day Bath Truffle with Murumuru Butter
This bubbly bath truffle with transform your spa experience like a ray of sunshine. Notes of floral,..
Twilight Lavender & Amber Bath Truffles
Soothe away your cares with this luxurious, aromatic bath truffle: made with shea and cocoa butters,..
Chocolate Chunk Vanilla Cookie Bath Bombs
Chocolate Chunk Vanilla Cookie Bath BombsMilk and cookies: a wonderfully rich, nostalgic treat fit f..
Pink Salt & Heather Bath Bomb with Shea Butter
Relax with this pretty pink bath bomb: add it to your warm bath and let its soothing shea butter, se..
Carrot Lotion Bar
Carrot Lotion BarSummer flowers offer their soothing scent and comfort on skin that's plagued by the..
Rose Petal Passion Foaming Bath Bomb
Add this heart-shaped bath bomb to your warm bathwater, and it will fizz your cares away! Passionfru..
Spring Scent-sation: Sea Salt & Orchid Buttermilk Bath Truffle with Aloe and Shea Butters
Sea salt, orchid, aloe, shea butter, buttermilk. Pretty, luxurious, moisturizing & conditioning,..
Spring Scent-sation: Aloe & Lily Shampoo Bar
Enjoy this new kind of shampoo with beaucoup bubbles and fresh aloe scent! Wash your hair either in ..
in Just - spring bubble bath scoop
in Just - spring (poem by e e cummings), the blue water begins to drip off of what remains of the me..
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