Lavenderm Studio makes handmade cosmetics out of specially selected natural ingredients, designed to aid your skin beyond cleansing: moisturize, soften, condition. I pair these ingredients with scents to simultaneously invigorate and calm. These products are designed to make your skin feel divine, and to make you feel divine in your own skin.

Check out our selection of unscented/colorless products if you have extra-sensitive skin!

Products are tested on site; however due to skin and environments being so varied and unique, I cannot predict how my recipe will interact with your unique skin. Please test the product in an inconspicuous area before general use. Contact me if you have any problems or concerns!

Guava Lip Balm
Purple-tinted guava-scented lip balm is soothing and moisturizing to your lips, made with extra mois..
Passionate Kisses Lip Balm
Transport yourself to the realm of the romantic with this passionfruit and rose-scented lip balm! Yo..
Rose Petal Passion Foaming Bath Bomb
Add this heart-shaped bath bomb to your warm bathwater, and it will fizz your cares away! Passionfru..
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