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Savon noir is an extra-conditioning soap made with avocado oil and shea butter, with activated charcoal for extra oil absorption. I recommend this product for normal to oily skin, but also advise using caution if you have dryness, as charcoal is super absorbant! The extra superfat oils condition the skin and make it feel moisturized and cared for. I use activated charcoal soap for my face, and I have combination skin. I love the results, so I can vouch for this product personally!

This soap is unscented, perfect for skin that doesn't respond well to essential oils or other fragrances; the only colorant used in this soap is the activated charcoal.

*NOTE: Activated charcoal is black in color and the lather from this soap is gray. It is not known to stain cloth, but please be aware of this potentiality when using.

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