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Bastille soap is a variation of the gentle, conditioning Castile method that's been around for centuries. This Bastille bar contains 80% olive oil as its main ingredient for its proven gentleness, a variation from the 100% olive oil in traditional Castile soap; however, I've added coconut oil for its cleansing properties, castor oil to boost lather, and cocoa butter for the additional moisture it provides to the skin. All these make an extra softening and conditioning soap. This soap is unscented and uncolored, designed to be gentle enough even for babies! The top is decorated with lovely sunny calendula petals. 

I've classified this Bastille as part of my Sensitive Soaps collection since there are no added colors or scents.

Castile Recipe olive oil, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, coconut oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, calendula flower petals
Fragrance free! no added fragrance
Colorant free! no added colorants
Botanicals top decorated with natural calendula petal flowers

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