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Loving that Drape,
Sound of Birds,
Play on like Musical Tape.

Greenery to Embrace,
Like Hug from Nature,
With Intricate Lace.

Sky to be Blanket,
Of Care, of Vivid Colours,
In Nature, I find Solace,
I find my Escape.

Somya Kedia

This elegant trio of antique lace evokes memories of mother or grandmother preparing for a novel evening out. She would pamper herself more than usual, with perfumes and potions, bright or muted colors, whatever was her preference. And the smell was soft and sweet, and delicate.

This soap trio is sold as a set and includes three antique lace designs, colors, and scents:

Dotted Swiss Lace: Off-white soap with white dots, scented in "Loveletter"

Alencon Lace: Light Beige soap with a meandering, heavy thread; scent is "Cashmere & Silk"

Vermicelli Lace: Thin noodle threads and scallop edging adorn the dark beige soap bar, scented in "Antique Lace"

This is a specially wrapped gift package including one of each soap, for a total of 3 soaps (~ 15 ounces total); Designs are unique to each bar and may vary slightly from photos.

Special Edition limited supply

Lavenderm Original Recipe vegetable oil (palm oil, soybean oil, hydrogenated palm oil, vegetable mono and diglycerides), olive oil, coconut oil, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, fragrance, sodium lactate
Fragrance Oil Three separate fragrance used (see description)
Colorant no colorant added
Decoration Soap Decorations are made from Lavenderm Original Recipe soap
size large bars have an average weight of 5 ounces each; oval bars average 4 inches long by 3 inches wide and 1.3 inches tall

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