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Amethyst, a gorgeously grapey purple color, is known for its protective and calming effects. A beautiful geode is layered between grape layers of soap, and amethyst soap crystals adorn the top of this 5-7 ounce bar.

*When you purchase February's 2021 Birthstones Soap-scription bar, you receive the Guava Lip Balm for free, along with free shipping!* More information on our Birthstones page! You may order the complete line, or purchase individually. *note: Guava Lip Balm is not included with the individual purchase of this soap.

February: Grape Amethyst Geode Soap - "Dreams of amethyst have a meaning of freedom from harm. According to Aristotle, a beautiful nymph was turned into a gem by Diana to protect her from Bacchus – the god of wine. As a remembrance of his love, Bacchus poured wine onto the stone and gave it this beautiful color. The meaning of the name amethyst translates ‘without intoxication’ and because of that this birthstone was believed to protect the wearer from extensive drinking and hangover effect." (

Lavenderm Original Recipe vegetable oil (palm oil, soybean oil, hydrogenated palm oil, vegetable mono and diglycerides), olive oil, coconut oil, filtered water, sodium hydroxide, fragrance, sunflower oil, mica, ecoglitter; decoration: clear glycerin soap, fragrance, mica, ecoglitter
Fragrance Oil grape and amethyst fragrances
Colorant colored with mica, titanium dioxide, clear glycerin soap, and ecoglitter

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