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Spring Scent-sation: Mango Lassi Soap with Mango Butter & Yogurt
My favorite beverage to go with Indian food is a mango lassi, so fruity and refreshing, and the spla..
Oatmeal & Buttermilk Unscented
No added fragrance or colorant, this soap is naturally gentle and soothing thanks to the oatmeal, bu..
Oatmeal & Lavender with Buttermilk
All the wholesomeness of oatmeal and creaminess of buttermilk is in this soap! Lavender essential oi..
Spring Scent-sation: Mango Sorbet Bath Truffle
Relax with this pretty bath bomb: add it to your warm bath and let it love your skin while your mind..
Cherry Blossom bath truffle with Cocoa Butter
Imagine sitting in an outdoor tea shop in Tokyo, relaxing and sipping お茶 (green tea, ocha) while the..
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