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2021 Soap-Scription Birthstones
Soap-Scription Birthstones 2021*There are some remaining 2021 Birthstone Soaps available!* --soaps ..
Lotion Bar with May Chang Essential Oil
Moisturizing softness to soothe your skin: this Lotion Bar is heavenly! Contains cocoa butter, shea ..
Pina Colada Smoothie with Coconut Milk & Pina Colada Body Lotion
***to order, use the smoothies product link***Pina Colada Smoothie Soap with Coconut Milk and Pineap..
Chocolate Milk Shake Milk Soap & Chocolate Chunk Vanilla Cookie Bath Bombs
***to order, use the smoothies product link***Chocolate Milk Shake Milk Soap with Buttermilk &a..
Spring Scent-sation: White Lily & Aloe Face Lotion with Rosehip Seed and Jojoba Oils
Help your skin protect and recover from the daily onslaught of weather and aging effects. Rosehip oi..
Spring Scent-sation: Isola di Capri hand & body lotion with Olive & Argan Oils and Seaweed Extract
Fresh and refreshing, this lotion for hand and body is smooth, creamy, and dreamy like the island of..
Carrot Cake Bastille Soap with Buttermilk & Carrot Lotion Bar
***to order, use the smoothies product link***Carrot Cake Bastille Soap with Buttermilk & Turmer..
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