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Hearts Aloft Valentine's Day Soap
Cocoa butter & cow’s milk soap, with swirling clouds and a buoyant heart are paired with a brigh..
Can't decide? Get three bars of randomly selected soap!*Your selection is determined by the supply w..
Calendula Petals
No added fragrance or colorant, formulated for sensitive skin with calendula flower tincture and pet..
Fire-breathing Dragon Soap
Happy Lunar New Year! Celebrate with the extra-rich Fire-Breathing Dragon soap, made with green tea ..
Grape Amethyst Geode Soap
Amethyst, a gorgeously grapey purple color, is known for its protective and calming effects. A beaut..
Lavender Soap
My first and my favorite, and I'm so happy to share this classic, sophisticated beauty with you.&nbs..
Lavender with French Green Clay Soap
This is the no-frills original Lavenderm lavender bar, with a twist! I've added French green clay fo..
Lemon Poppy Seed & Ginger Soy Milk soap & Brand New Day Citrus Shower Steamer
***to order, use the smoothies product link***Lemon Poppy Seed and Ginger Soy Milk soapScent-sual an..
May Emeralds and Lily of the Valley soap
This May edition of 2021 Birthstones Soap-scription feature emerald crystals embedded in the surface..
Oatmeal & Buttermilk Scented Soap
All the wholesomeness of oatmeal and creaminess of buttermilk is in this soap! It is naturally gentl..
Pink Clay & Pink Sea Salt Facial Soap (for acne)
French pink clay (Montmorillonite) is a super-absorbent mineral that is found throughout the world, ..
September Sapphire Soap
Curls of white soap dance amid the alluring, atmospheric scented blue. This is a gorgeous, captivati..
Soap Pad
This soap pad elevates your soap above the soap dish, allowing water to easily drain and the soap to..
Strawberry Rhubarb with Ruby Streusel
Nothing says summer to me like rhubarb! This sweet and fruity soap looks and smells like rhubarb cak..
Fields of Gold Calendula and Turmeric Soap
This lovely soap imbues the warmth and gentleness of the late summer sun. This soap is made with our..
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